June 19, 2024
Link Road Wapda Town, Gujranwala

Pakistan started online issuance of Passport

Pakistan Passport

Pakistan has embarked on a significant advancement in passport issuance, ushering in a hassle-free process that eliminates the necessity for citizens to physically visit a passport office in order to obtain basic travel documents. Spearheaded by the Directorate General of Passport and Immigration, Mustafa Jamal, this groundbreaking initiative introduces an online appointment scheduling system for individuals seeking new e-passports.

This innovative system offers unmatched convenience to applicants, allowing them to secure appointments with a mere click of a button. Once an appointment is successfully scheduled, applicants will promptly receive notifications through SMS services, effectively streamlining the process and significantly reducing the need for in-person visits.

For more details and to avail of this convenient service, you can visit the official website: https://onlinemrp.dgip.gov.pk/

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